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Sheffield Scale Day

Oct 13

Since the last foray of the NNAWGC back in Jun 13 it has been somewhat quiet. That is not to say that we have been idle, just that other events and chores have taken priority.


In August we were quite busy with Paul and I competing in the BMFA Nationals at RAF Barkston Heath. (commonly called “Blasted Heath” due to the near constant wind). We were engaged in the noble art of Control Line team Racing having entered in British Goodyear, F2CN, Barton B and Mini Goodyear. Needless to say whilst we didn’t disgrace ourselves, we weren’t placed too highly either. Nevertheless the weather and wind was kind to us and we spent three whole days and some of the nights eating, drinking and model flying.


Although I said that we didn’t place too highly, one of our honorary members, Chris Barker - the good looking one in the middle of the Circle of Friends photograph aided by his Pitman (the hard working position) lifted the National Champion trophy for F2C the modelling equivalent of F1 motor racing.

Later in August was the Annual RAFMAA Main Championships which this year was held at RAF Wittering. Paul and I attended and spent an enjoyable weekend. Unfortunately Colin was unable to attend having recently placed himself in the clutches of the NHS to be processed for a mid-life upgrade and possible fatigue life extension.


With our preference towards Scale sailplanes having been a tad neglected, the annual Sheffield Society of Aeromodellers (SSA) scale glider day heralded for the 28-29 Sep was eagerly awaited. However, in the run up to the day the winds became unseasonable swinging to the East which, resulted in the event being slipping to the reserve dates of 5-6 Oct. Due to work commitments I could only attend on the Saturday so arrangements for Colin and I were made to meet at 0900hrs at Callow Bank.


We both arrived within 15 minutes of each other and we were greeted by a light but useful breeze from the West, which was OK for the chosen venue. We had a welcome cup of coffee, a discussion about the current conditions and an unexpected exchange of gifts. I received a birthday prezzie, and Colin a belated wedding present made by my good lady. I had also found a couple of appropriate and useful gifts during a recent shopping trip. Those familiar with the NNAWGC, will understand the significance of these; an appropriate mug purchased for Colin aka Eeyore, and myself Tigger.


To prove that the lift was flyable and suitable for the larger models, I launched my little Speed Astir and Colin his Luna. With our initial flights out of the way we contemplated and analysed the lift available. Whilst it would have been nice for the wind to be slightly stronger, it was adequate and, therefore, we assembled a couple of scale models. I elected to assembled my SHK and Colin his Pilatus B4.





Eeyore flies again

Now readers of the website News, you may recall the pictures taken (Three Go Mad in Shropshire) of Colin’s good lady in her wedding dress launching the B4 from the Reservoir slope on the Long Mynd. The bad news from that day was that the model crashed and suffered quite extensive damage in that the fuselage was broken in two, both wing roots were severely damaged with other various bumps and breaks.


At first it was thought that the B4 was a write off, second thoughts was that maybe the fuselage could be made good and used as a plug in order to make a mould. After further contemplation and assessment of the damage back in the workshop, a full repair to flying condition was made over the following weeks, with only a 400 gram increase in weight.


Today the B4 flew again with Colin reporting that the only noticeable difference being a very slight increase in flying speed. Whilst Eeyore appeared to be glad of the outing his face seemed to bear a look of relief following the first landing. In fact, it was a really good scale-like landing, a bit of a greaser' for which, Colin displayed much pleasure. The event progressed on much the same lines as fly, talk, eat and drink for the rest of the day with a good turn out of about twenty like minded souls. Unfortunately, the conditions were not conducive to flying the G2's. Pity, as we were both really looking forward to putting them through their paces and getting people talking about our new Scale models.

Shortly after lunch the wind became somewhat fickle veering occasionally towards the North West in conjunction with a lessening of strength. This made for some quite challenging flying with some people forced to endure the “walk of shame” down the hill. By about 1530 hrs the wind all but died which in turn required us to break out the foamies.


Now Colin has invented a fiendish device to launch the Weasel's in either calm slope conditions or on the flat. The Weasel is equipped with a finger recess in the moulded plastic lower belly pan and Colin has made some wooden plugs with a tow hook which fit snugly into this recess.

With a short light bungee it is possible to launch the Weasel to about 50 feet in calm weather. This enables you to either venture forth and find lift or have a quick aero session before landing at your feet. So we availed ourselves and had a very good time.


Now who said that foamies were light and safe. Colin missed landing at his feet and, therefore, walked a few yards down the hill to retrieve the model and stretch the bungee. Whist he was distracted, a Multi-Plex foam Xeon came in slowly for a slope side landing. Unfortunately, Colin took the model on his right side just under his arm pit. Despite a low speed and a relatively light model, the impact was sufficient to wind and knock him to the ground. After a brief “rest” Colin was able to carry on with no visible signs of lasting damage, but was in some discomfort. Afterwards we waited with baited breath until we were sure that no litigation solicitors would appear from out of the undergrowth and carried on for a while before packing up at 1700hrs prior to the drive back.
All in all, it was a very nice day but on reflection there are a few thoughts to bear in mind.


Even a light foamie travelling slowly is enough to hurt so always be aware of the other models flying when retrieving on the hill.


The SSA are to be congratulated on a successful day which I have no doubt was repeated on the Sunday as both the wind and the weather was better. One observation I would like to bring forth was that whilst the day was billed as a scale fly in at times, it was quite hazardous for scale models to be displayed close to the slope due to the number of foam wings engaging in combat. This resulted in the more delicate and/or treasured scale ships stayed in the car. 


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